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29 Jun 2017

The Actor Uncovered

by Michael Howard

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The Actor Uncovered is certainly not a set of rigid rules advocating one "method" or one singular "truth." Departing from the common guidebook format, Michael Howard uses a unique approach to teaching acting, reflecting on his own history and sharing his own experiences as an actor, director, and teacher. How he writes about the process and craft of acting is at once intensely personal and relatable by others.

Readers are invited to participate as though present in this master teacher's classes. Each human being, and thus each actor, is unique. Howard encourages actors to uncover their own ways of working, using their particular abilities and personality...

26 Jun 2017

Gun Sinister (A Big Jim Western Book 4)

by Marshall Grover

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And for Big Jim Rand, another suspense-filled adventure had begun. His quest for the murderer of his brother brought him straight to Cadiz City, the town where violence smoldered and flared.
Sarina Hale’s legacy, all that her mother had to bequeath her, was a powderkeg with a naked fuse—the sealed diary of the hard-boiled woman who once operated the town’s rowdiest house of entertainment.
Many a man coveted that book, fearful that his past sins were recorded between its leather covers. To keep his guilt a secret, one was prepared to kill—and this...